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All bulk is required to be packed and shipped in a certain way, so that it arrives safely and you receive full payment. Failure to follow these directions may result in your package being marked return to sender if damaged on arrival.

After buying millions of cards to date, we have found the most effective way for you to ship your bulk.
Trust us, you do not want to be one of these people:

Step 1: Count your Cards

You may count your cards in whatever method you choose, but we usually recommend making repeating stacks of 200 or 100 cards.
TIP: The short side of a Pokemon card is around 200 cards (see below).

Step 2: Wrap Cards in Plastic or Paper

We require all cards to be wrapped in plastic or paper for shipment. 
This reduces the chance that you will lose cards if your box busts open during transit.
Please make sure to thoroughly and tightly wrap your bulk.  If you choose to use baggies, please make sure to tape the bag to make the cards as tight as possible.
If you choose to wrap your cards in paper, DO NOT just do a band around the cards like this:
This WILL NOT protect your cards in the event that your package is damaged in transit. Please wrap the entire stack of cards in paper if you choose to wrap in paper over Saran Wrap or Baggies.

Step 3: Packing

After wrapping your bulk tightly, you should also pack it tight.  Otherwise, it increases the chance that your bulk will burst open during transit.  It is important that you fill any gaps in the package. Use a sturdy material such as cardboard.
It is important to tape the box well.  In general, the more tape the better.
We suggest taping around the entirety of the box to prevent it from busting open during transit.

Make sure to tape around the middle of the box. The edges around the sides of the box are the most common place we see boxes bust open.


Step 4: Shipping

The cheapest way to ship bulk will almost always be flat rate boxes from USPS.

Flat rate boxes are available at your local post office at no cost.
At the time of writing this, a large flat rate box costs $19.90 to ship through, and can fit 6,000-7,000 cards. is free to use, and gives commercial shipping discounts to it's users. A large flat rate box if you pay for it at your local post office is currently $22.80.

Please ship to the following address:

Littleroot Games

471 Morrison Rd

Unit L

Gahanna, OH 43230


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 Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How long is your turn around time?
All bulk that is delivered is processed with 48 hours, with the exception of bulk that is delivered on Saturday. That bulk will need an additional 24 hours to be processed.
2. Who pays for shipping? 
We both cover our own shipping!
3. What about Pokemon Go/Halloween/Celebrations/ETC Holos?
All holos and NHR are the same rate.
4. Do you take  basic energies?
At this time we do not accept basic energies.
5. Do you take trainers?
Yes, trainers and special energy cards count as C/UC bulk.
6. How many cards should I wrap in each bundle?
The only restriction that we ask is that you have a minimum of 100 cards per bundle. 
7. What about vintage bulk?
At this time we are not accepting vintage bulk.
8. What is considered vintage bulk?
Any bulk from before Black and White Base Set we consider vintage.
9. Do you take Japanese Bulk?
No we do not take Japanese bulk at this time.
10. Do you take mixed bulk?
Yes! We accept mixed bulk at our normal c/uc price.

For any additional questions, please email: